• Bahria town karachi today

    Bahria Town Karachi Today

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    Bahria Town Karachi a name of modern Pakistan. A Pakistan where the atmosphere of peace, love, and tolerance is established. Where the living & bright cities are giving birth to modern and constructive thinking.
  • Bahria town karachi golf city map 1

    Bahria Town Karachi Master Plan

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    Start the world of your dreams with Bahria Town Karachi.
  • Bahria town karachi latest news

    Bahria Town Karachi Latest News

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    Bahria town Karachi is strong reality of the day which has converted a barren place into a beautiful safe and elegant city. Bahria town is a blessing for Karachi and Pakistani people. Bahria town Karachi is a sign of modern Pakistan.
  • Bahria town karachi quaid villa

    Quaid Villa Bahria Town Karachi

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    The eliteness of Bahria Homes (Quaid Block) is additionally upgraded by the select games and recreational focus, parks and different courtesies.
  • Bahria town karachi updates

    Bahria Town Karachi Updates

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    A complete life Bahria town Karachi. These are colorful aspects of Bahria town Karachi where your dreams come true.
  • Future of bahria town karachi

    Future of Bahria Town Karachi

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    It is confirmed that Bahria gives possession surely in return of purchased file. This is the significant honor of Bahria and because of this Bahria town property value do not fall.
  • Bahria town karachi balloting

    Bahria town Karachi Balloting

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    Bahria town Karachi has introduced the new standards of international level. Day by day developing Bahria town Karachi has become the latest grand wide residential community of Pakistan. Bahria town Karachi identity of modern Bahria town.
  • Bahria sports city karachi

    Bahria Sports City Karachi

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    The vision of Bahria town is base of a strong society. With same state of vision Bahria town presents a prestigeous project Bahria Sports City Karachi.
  • Bahria paradise

    Bahria Paradise Karachi

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    Bahria Paradise Karachi have 250, 500 and 1000 s.yards residential plots and super luxury villas of size 500 sq.yards having 5 bedrooms each in this gated community. Possession with in 2 years with the easy installment of 4 years.
  • Bahria town karachi deals

    Bahria Town Karachi Deals

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    If the minor investors had done purchasing on short terms then they will start selling their files after knowing the downfall of the market and the result of it is the market collapse.
  • Bahria town karachi sports city

    Bahria Town Karachi Sports City

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    Bahria Paradise has 16 Precincts while Sports city have 34 to 45 precincts which is according to the Bahria town Karachi latest map of Bahria comes at the end of Bahria town Karachi. But the people who were claiming that 34 to 45 precinct are last precincts Now they are aware that Bahria Paradise starts from 46 Precinct and ends to 57 Precinct.
  • Bahria town karachi precinct 1

    Bahria Town Karachi Precinct 1

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    Bahria town Karachi precinct 1 is located on the super highway. Precinct 1 is on the left hand after the entrance through main gate there are only 250 square yards residential plots in precinct 1 of Bahria town Karachi and size is 30x70.
  • Bahria town karachi latest news 1

    Bahria Town Karachi Latest News

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    More than 1000 families live happily here. Visit Bahria town Karachi, buy plot or villa and begin of a new life a modern community where you can interpret your dreams.
  • Iqbal villa bahria town karachi

    Iqbal Villa Bahria Town Karachi

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    Today we are going to tell you about precinct 2 of Bahria town Karachi Quaid Villa. Quaid Villa Bahria town Karachi is exactly near the main gate and Quaid Villa & Iqbal Villa Bahria town Karachi has been launched by Bahria in  precinct 2. There are two types of booking in Quaid Villa Bahria town Karachi of precinct 2, one is Quaid Villa and other is Super Quaid Villa.
  • Bahria town karachi precinct 3

    Bahria Town Karachi Precinct 3

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    Bahria town Karachi precinct 3 is one of the closest precinct near the main gate. There are only 4 kanal means 2000 square yards residential plots in Bahria town Karachi precinct 3 and its size is 90 multiple 200 (90x200).
  • Bahria paradise map

    Bahria Paradise

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    After the magnificent success of Bahria town Karachi’s former projects the foundation of a new mega project has been laid by Bahria town Karachi which is name as Bahria Paradise. Bahria Paradise is a totally walled and gated community. A boundary wall will cover the entire Bahria Paradise which will make it more secured place.
  • Bahria paradise precinct 50

    Bahria Paradise Precinct

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    Precinct 50 is the 5th precinct of Bahria Paradise. After the entrance through the main gate of Bahria Paradise, on the left hand of 200 feet wide Paradise Avenue and right in front of the Bahria Paradise villas Precinct 50 is situated there. Precinct 51 is the 6th precinct of Bahria Paradise. It is located at the extreme right to the Paradise Avenue.
  • Bahria paradise precinct 52

    Bahria Paradise prices

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    According to the maps of Bahria Paradise, Precinct 52 is triangular by shape. Precinct 53 is exactly located by the side of Precinct 52. It has been describe completely in it. Precinct 53 is consisted of 250 and 500 square yards residential plots.
  • Bahria town karachi video

    Bahria Town Karachi Video

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    Watch detail videos of Bahria town Karachi. Watch Bahria Paradise Development Videos.
  • Bahria paradise precinct 54

    Bahria Paradise Karachi

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    Precinct 54 is the 9th one Precinct of Bahria Paradise which is located at main 200 ft Paradise Avenue. Four avenues pass around Precinct 54 and this Precinct has been given the entrances by tri sides.
  • Bahria paradise video

    Bahria Paradise Video

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    Watch Bahria Paradise detail information videos on our YouTube channel propertytrade.pk.
  • Bahria town karachi youtube

    Bahria Town Karachi YouTube

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    Watch detail informative videos on our website. Subscribe our YouTube channel propertytrade.pk.
  • Bahria town karachi sports city 1

    Bahria Town Karachi Sports City

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    Watch detail informative video of Bahria Sports City to Bahria Main Gate.
  • Bahria paradise villa

    Bahria Paradise Villa

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    Watch Bahria Paradise Villas detail videos on our website. Watch detail informative video of Bahria Paradise Villas to 200ft wide road Paradise Avenue.
  • Bahria town karachi pics

    Bahria Town Karachi Pics

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    Visit our Website and view latest Images of Bahria Town Karachi.